About Addiction Guide

Our mission is to help all those affected by addiction by providing reliable and comprehensive resources, advice, tips and guides.  There is hope and you are not alone on this journey to a successful recovery from addiction.

Who We Are

Addiction Guide was created to provide the most comprehensive information on addiction and addiction treatment. We are a diverse team made up of recovering addicts, healthcare professionals, and patient advocates. Our advocates are committed to providing the most up-to-date information and resources tailored toward each person’s specific needs. We want to help you find the best care possible.

Our Mission

Our mission at Addiction Guide is simple: We are here to serve you in any we can. Whether addiction is impacting you, a family member, or a friend, we will do our best to provide you the tools necessary to start your recovery. For more information on our free services or to reach our Patient Support team please contact us.

Straightforward, Personalized Information

Many members of our team at Addiction Guide understand firsthand that there is not a perfect formula for recovery. Everyone’s journey is different, but we firmly believe that with the right help, a personalized recovery plan can be created for everyone. We are here to present you with the best information available and to help create the plan that’s right for you.